As a photographer I am regularly asked to remove this or that from an image or can you make me look slimmer or OMG a huge red spot has appeared on my wedding day – FIX IT!

I fully edit every gallery before you see them so you don’t need to worry about that blemish.  What I won’t do is go through 500 wedding photos to make you look 10lb’s slimmer because, well because that’s not you and my posing and light will have made you look beautiful enough already!

Just a little example of what I do to tweak your beautiful photos. Click and drag the slider to reveal the before and after processing image.

Blemish Removal & Exposure Correction

Colour to Black & White

Colour Correction & Skin Smoothing

Object Removal

Its not always a quick click of a button, I like to take my time to enhance your beautiful images. So I just add a little magic if I do see something that needs fixing, a distraction that needs removing or you’ve requested a special touch up.

Love & Clicks
Michelle x

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