Being a photographer isn’t just my occupation – it’s a passion!

Who am I? 


I’m a Wife to Mr C, a Mum to 4 kids who hate having their photos taken. I have 4 very lazy cats and I’ve always loved a good Gin & Tonic, before it became a craze.  I have a tiny obsession with the Flamingo’s, Pendle Witches, anything paranormal and listen to a spooky podcast when editing, just to keep me on my toes!

I’m a huge live music fan, the whole ‘madchester’ scene, I’ve got a Manchester Bee tattoo and adore The Stone Roses (did you get it).  I cried when we went to see them at the Etihad although in my defence I had waited 20 years for them to get back together.    

My amazing hubby is my biggest fan and supporter!  He’s bought me all my equipment over the year, countess MAC books (I’m not good at keeping a laptop safe it would seem and when it breaks its his fault), allowed me to follow my dream and never complains when I’m hardly here over the Wedding Season.  He’s a keeper!  

We live just outside Manchester which gives me the best of both world’s – the beauty of the Pennines and the hustle and bustle of one of most cultural cities in the Western Hemisphere – great for scouting out new locations for your shoot!  I do however travel all over the North West, the UK & would go further afield to capture your beautiful weddings and families.

I specialise in Weddings & Events but I also capture lifestyle session of Families as posed studio images aren’t my thing.  I love to shoot at your home and capture your family how it really is and on location at your local park or somewhere thats important to you all.  It’s great getting images of children running about enjoying themselves.  Being a Mum myself I pride myself in being able to connect with children to get the best out of them on the day and understand patience is key.

Me & Mr C. The Monsters Bella, Cait, Abi & Dan. The Lazy Cats Bruce, Jack, Zappa & baby Purdy.   I promise I won’t make you do cheesy poses like in my own Wedding Photos!


How it all started?


Being an Army Brat growing up, I have lived all over the world and quickly realised how important photos are for memories.  You lose friends every time you move and can be away from family for long periods of time – photos are to be cherished, a keepsake.  You never realise how much a photo can mean to someone and the emotions it can stir.

I was always the kid in School who had a camera on every school trip and at the end of School year.  At our recent 20 year School reunion 90% of the photos on display – I took.  These photos were and still are so important to me.  I loved High School and the friends I made reconnecting with most of them on Social Media years later I was able to share those, mostly embarrassing, photos of our teenage years!     I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I was a teenager in the 90’s well before camera phones!!  

Knowing how important my photos and memories are to me, I wanted to be able to give this feeling and emotion to other families and decided to take my hobby and turn it into a business.   So off to college I went, 2 years at night school to learn the technical and quite a bit of the creative side and my passion grew and grew.  I have Alan Green at Hopwood Hall to thank, he was so enthusiastic and encouraging of everything I produced even though my early work WILL NEVER see the light of day!   This was around the time digital SLR camera’s made an appearance and I was adamant they wouldn’t take off and I’d never stray from my beloved film.  Lies!  

Over the years, I have had the privilege of being part of countless weddings and love capturing the romance and excitement of the day.  I have a relaxed approach to capturing your special day, a natural and candid photograph captures a person with genuine expression, emotion and their personality which has been captured forever within an image you can look at time and time again.  There’s that emotion I was talking about!

I would love to be part of your special day or help you make some memories with your  family.  If you think I’d be a good fit for you drop me a message and we’ll meet for a coffee.  Or cheeky gin! 

Love & clicks 

Michelle x

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